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Mark During his Depression

Mark KellyEdit

Mark Kelly is a well accomplished Artist, Musician, and Tradesman. He first came to fame when he was found on pornhub by a record producer, he was later signed and became famous then faded into twilight, and became a star in the novel "Twilight".

Early Life.Edit

Mark Kelly was born on the planet Krypton in the year 967 A.D, He was the love child of Janet Reno and a Hyena. Due the the bad publicity over the affair, his mother fled to a small village in Eastern China to escape the wrath of her husband, Boris Linterburd. Janet Reno passed away after giving birth to Mark. He was placed into care, at the age of 7 he was adopted by the lead guitarist of a Mariachi Band named "Que Paso". He toured with the band being educated on the road. In 979 Mark moved to Mexico with his new family, this is where he discovered his love for writing, and singing music. At the age of 17 he started his own band with some friends from school the band was named "Homo Con Gafas" or Homo with glasses in English. They broke up 3 years later when mark was 20 and went onto pursue different things. Mark went to university where he met youtube sensation Jinakuus. They quickly became good friends and played counter strike source together, when Mark came out to Jinakuus there friendship ceased to exist, and Jinakuus moved onto doing lets plays on games such as Portal, Resident Evil 5, God Of War and Zelda: Twilight Princess. Mark was depressed for the next 7 years of his life which he spent painting pictures of Jinakuus and Narwhals after several... Failed paintings of Jinakuus and Narwhals, He found love in a cat named Moldo which belonged to the old woman down the street. Mark offered to buy the cat from the woman, as his love was to strong for him to part with Moldo. He tried to steal the cat but was later found in the back of a mars bar delivery truck, covered in chocolate. The old woman in anger cursed Mark which is when he turned into a vampire and began the "Twilight" phase of his life (Stephanie Myres Stole Marks Auto-Biography, copied it changing the characters and dates, to suit her shitty book. Thus Twilight is a book about Mark Kelly.)

Twilight Phase.Edit

After Mark became a vampire his family refused to accept him, with no cash place to stay or emotional ties, he decided to migrate. He chose to move to what is now eastern Europe, a place named Transylvania. Mark wasn't used to the cold he locked himself in his home on the hill, avoiding daylight and cold temperatures. Eventually his skin began to grow ever paler and his first for blood increased greatly. He couldn't remain in his home any longer he feasted on cattle and other live stock for years, but it failed to quench his ever lasting thirst for a male companion and human blood. He started to suck the blood of nearby villagers every now and then not to much as to raise suspicion. Whilst on his monthly hunt for blood Mark met soon to be one of the most important people in his life, Boy George. His pale skin and love for music and overall homosexuality matched that of Marks, He had thought for years he would never find someone so right for him, but he did and he loved it. Boy George later moved in with Mark and they met in wedlock. They lived happily for many years until Mark caught Boy George having an affair with George Boy. They later Divorced and mark moved again his where-abouts during this period aren't known. But some say he traveled the world having sexual intercourse with everything he could find, he was the rise and fall of the Aztec, He was a sex slave for the Armies of Rome, He was a butler for the pink Gentlemen association and King of Gayness in Greenland.

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