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KellyMark 3000-5000: Mark Kelly, had the nickname kellymark3000 in his cyborg days. He is a super all know smart guy, he's a mathimatical genious and computer wizz kid, through his excessive knowledge and advanced problem solving when using microsoft visual basics. He is a master programmer, ( and well know masterbator ) as he completed his assigned course work with ease. Also he went through the trouble of helping simple commoners who were attempting the coursework for computing. He helped the couple of bafoons, Shaun Coakley (Shaunstin) and Jason Connor ( no nickname) but to no aveil as Shaun and Jason shortly left after the begining of the coursework, for personal reasons. But Jason did leave his mark(not mark kelly lol) on the computing class as he raised Mark Kellys self-esteem to a new level with the upgrade to "The KellyMark 5000".

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